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Tulanana Bohela

ONA Story Network
About me:

Tulanana is a committed broadcast journalist for television and radio for an international broadcaster.I have a passion for production and using media to improve the development of African societies, especially in the areas of business, technology, social enterprise and development.She thrives in telling the African story, with pride and historical truth, whilst streamlining new ways to shape our future.

Tulanana has shared her ideas on the prestigious TED platform via TEDxIlala, about how mobile technology is changing the way content is created and shared on the African continent.

She sharpened her skills in story telling by undertaking a postgraduate Honours degree at the South African school for Motion Picture and Live Performance, AFDA, in Johannesburg.Tulanana was awarded Best Director for her film Uthando, which was nominated for the Ousmane Sembene award at the Zanzibar International film festival 2015 and won a Special Mention.

Tulanana is also the co-founder of @OnaStories, an Africa first graphic journalism hub.OnaStories is an #innovateAFRICA 2017 winner exploring the intersection of Mobile-first content x digital video with an Africa-first perspective.

She is currently the digital lead in Tanzania, as Senior broadcast journalist/producer for the BBC World service.