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Petrit Bejdoni

Senior Program Officer
Leadership and Growth Council NGO
About me:

Over the years, I have worked with several International agencies (i.e. BALKAN SUNFLOWERS, UNICEF, OSCE, UNDP, RED CROSS INTERNATIONAL,) and local government and organizations (i.e. the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, Local Municipalities, and local Schools.)\I am well connected with organizations and individuals. In all these agencies I worked with the different partners, staff, HQ, teams, volunteers, and costumers that were involved, with the highest honesty, reliability and integrity. \I work well with large groups of people and teams and I am very energetic, have positive energy and am very friendly. Also I accept and respect people from all backgrounds. Additionally, I have a lot of friends from different backgrounds such as from Malaysia, Luxembourg, Belgium, England, USA, Spain, Algeria, Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian etc.\I am very open to work with diverse peoples and conditions, and able to meet challenges with tact and dignity