San Salvador

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Raquel María Orellana Núñez

Administrative-Operative Coordinator
Human Development Center "Merced para Crecer"
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I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. Social entrepreneur by vocation. I am currently the Administrative and Operational Coordinator of the Human Development Center "Merced para Crecer", an organization focused mainly on the prevention of violence in childhood and youth, through educational programs. Graduated with a Bachelor?s Degree in Psychology from the Central American University "Jos? Sime?n Ca?as", and with a postgraduate degree in education un Don Bosco University.\have worked since 2007 in the area of education with children and youth, creating and implementing programs oriented to the prevention of violence and training in values. Recently I have also dedicated efforts to work with ederly women, contributing to their empowerment and self-care. \I have a strong conviction about the responsibility that every person has, without exception, to ensure access to a dignified life and for the defense of human rights, mine and others