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Rhaidel Roelandt

UKGR Studio
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My name is Rhaidel Roelandt , I'm twenty years old . I have been with the Global shapers for a year now as a shaperfriend .Rhaidel is a student , baker and entrepreneur .My passion is pastry and baking and thats why I also started a small business called 'Rhai's Pastry' .I also study Electrical engineering. I started working in 2014 as an allrounder in a tv studio from being the camera man to editing and making programs and commercials .I've also followed six different computer courses and achieves succesfully .In 2015 I took part in the Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs program of the Paramaribo hub .Rhai's pastry was also selected too stand on the Youth Entrepreneurs Info fair in 2016 .Rhai's pastry also landed me my first news paper artical and two tv interviews about my startup. My new goals are to go and study culinary art and pastry and baking outside of my country ,and to finally open the local Rhai's pastry shop .