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Ruihan Ding

Geruiqidao Cultural Development Co.Ltd.
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I?m Ding Ruihan from Beijing Geruiqidao Cultural Development Co. Ltd. In 2016, I was graduated from Nankai University. One month after graduation in 2016, I set up my own company, devoting myself to education and became chairman, general manager and coach. Our aim is to make children happier, more confident and independent, and to cultivate more ambitious, aspiring and outstanding teenagers for our country. From only one person to 10 staff including full-time and part-time, more than 100 kids have been taught in Geruiqidao, from which they tempered the will, build the confidence, expressed themselves and developed independent personality. So we, Geruiqidao, are ambitious and even confident to contribute more and more to the education of our country.