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Yasin Sert

Bo?aziçi University
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I was born in 1993 and I am studying Political Science & International Relations at Bo?aziçi University. As a extracurricular activity, I run a social entrepreneurship project. I recycle discarded fabrics by a cultural technic. Its name is Chapputz. When I started university, I said that I should achieve something different but useful. In that time, this statement didn’t fit for a freshman. While I was bound and determined to make a project about recycling unused clothes, I met “çaput kilim” weaving culture of nomads thanks to a documentary. Finally, I found the way of recycling unused clothes. After I watched the documentary, I went to the village that Aunt Faize lives, who is one of last representatives of this weaving culture. And I learned “çaput kilim” from the master.