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Yoichi Ochiai

Advisor to President
University of Tsukuba
About me:

B.1987, PhD (Applied Computer Science / University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies in 2 years the fastest record), From 2015, joined University of Tsukuba, School of Library Information and Media Studies as Assistant Professor. He is the head of Digital Nature Laboratory. CEO of Pixie Dust, via JSPS Research Fellow DC1 and Research Intern on Microsoft Research Redmond. From 2017, he work as Advisor to President of University of Tsukuba, Visiting Professor of Osaka University of Art, and Visiting Professor of Digital Hollywood University. His interests on CG, HCI, VR, visual / audio / tactile presentation method, digital fabrication, automatic driving and human control. He wrote several books "The century of Enchantment (Planets)" and "Survival strategy of super AI era (Daiwa Shobo)". He got many award such as World Technology Award 2015 from the WTN in 2015, Prix Ars Electronica from Ars Electronica in 2016, STARTS Prize from EU (European Union), the Laval Virtual Award from Europe's largest VR festival Laval Virtual for the fourth consecutive year until 2017. In Japan, won the Good Design Award, Media Arts Festival of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Innovative Technologies of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Certified as genius programmer / super creator certification from Information Promotion Agency Japan, Prize of Innovative Technologies from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan 3 consecutive yearly, selected as Inno-vation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Japan. Also,Awarded in Asia Digital Art Award, Best Paper Award in ACE, Springer, ACM Augmented Human, Chosen as Best Video by Newscientist magazine in 2012, Best SIGGRAPH Paper selected by CG Channel in 2014. He has been featured in BBC, CNN, CNBC, Discovery, AP, Reuters, Daily Mail Paper, Telegraph Paper, Russian State Broadcasting, French National Broadcasting etc. and has been featured in more than 100 famous newspapers, magazines, television and web media all over the world. He held "Image and Matter (Malaysia · Kuala Lumpur, 2016)" and "Imago et Materia (Tokyo Roppongi, 2017)" as a solo exhibition. There are also a lot of media exposures including magazines, television, radio, etc., Covering the cover of design and art magazines such as design magazine Axis and media art journal Leonardo and cover page of Nature Index 2017 which is a research report on the extra work published by Nature magazine in the UK, such as magazines, televisions, and radio There are also many media exposures. Many lectures were given at universities both in Japan and abroad and at symposiums such as TEDxTokyo, and at SEMICON Japan which is a large-scale conference of semiconductor technology, he served as the keynote speaker at the youngest ever in history in 40 years. As the group exhibition, he participated in "Ars Electronica Festival", "SIGGRAPH Art Gallery", “Kempoku Arts Festival" and "Media Ambition Tokyo". He worked on the collaborative works with famous brands and artists such as Sekai No Owari, Dom Perignon, Lexus, TDK, ONE OK ROCK, Kanahei and Sword Art Online theatrical version, etc. He had collaboration research projects with many business operators such as Toyota, Aisin Seiki, Denso, BMW, Fujitsu SSL, Dentsu, Hakuhodo, ADK, etc.